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Michigan Women's Marketplace

MWM is a non-profit women’s business center and community, offering a directory of women business owners, access to business organizations, a calendar of events and a training center.

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About Michigan Women's Marketplace (MWM)

The Michigan Women’s Marketplace (MWM) is Michigan’s premiere online women’s business education and information community center. This community – comprised of a directory of women business owners, a calendar of events, and a list of business resources – can be a catalyst in generating business-to-business opportunities, strategic alliances, informal mentoring relationships, and discussions on issues common to all women business owners. By creating the most comprehensive directory of Michigan women business owners, the MWM can reach a greater percentage of women business owners and inform them of a variety of services and business opportunities provided by the women business organizations throughout Michigan; and women business organizations can use the MWM to generate greater visibility of their organizations to women business owners. The MWM can also be used as an outreach tool for program and event attendance.

Our Purpose

The Michigan Women's Marketplace ( was developed to assist women business owners with networking, training opportunities, and to improve their recognition in the marketplace.

Michigan Women's Marketplace (MWM) History

How we Got Started

The Michigan Women's Marketplace ( MWM, an initiative of the Great Lakes Women's Business Council, formerly known as Center for Empowerment & Economic Development (CEED), is sponsored by the Small Business Administration (SBA), General Motors, and Comerica Bank.

MWM was designed to help bring women business owners online. The original site was a virtual mall where women sold their products and services through the Marketplace. It was intended that, by having multiple products online, each vendor would receive additional business just because of the traffic – similar to a physical mall.

Over the years, MWM has evolved into a first-class women's information and education site, with multiple partners and associates providing a wealth of information to help maintain and grow our women businesses.

On the site today, you will find:

  • The Women's Business Directory, which offers an opportunity for a woman-owned business to register and receive additional business from online visitors looking to do business with women and a wonderful networking opportunity for our women to also work with each other.
  • The Webinars, that cover many subjects that will help you with your business, to see the latest offerings, please go to the Training Center.
  • Recommended Reading section that has many categories to choose from.
  • The Training Center, which consists of articles on many business topics, as well as a list of business tools and resource links for further research.
  • Our Calendar of events, including many opportunities from other non-profit organizations across the state of Michigan.
In our future, we are planning:
  • Bring more webinars
  • Ask the Expert section that you can submit questions regarding challenges you have with your business
  • Keep building the business social media network for Discussions and on-going communications.
  • Virtual Online Tradeshow
  • And much more. . . . .

So, STAY TUNED! Come back often and let us know what you think (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)